Basic Input
Control mouse and keyboard.

Basic Input

Control mouse and keyboard.


  • Tap with one finger to left-click
  • Tap with two fingers to right-click
  • Drag with two fingers to scroll
  • Use pinch to zoom in and out
  • Long-press and move to drag
  • Tap once to release drag
  • Volumer rocker controls computer volume (Android)


The Basic Input remote has several options that can be configured directly from the app.

To access the Mouse Preferences:

  1. Open the app menu
  2. Preferences / Settings
  3. Mouse Settings

Supported options:

  • Single-touch or multi-touch mode
  • Invert scrolling direction
  • Swap left and right mouse buttons
  • Limit mouse speed (if you're experiencing lag/latency)
  • Disable pinch zoom
  • Adjust pointer sensitivity
  • Adjust scroll sensitivity
  • Enable menu swipe when using mouse



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