Kodi for video
Kodi web interface remote for video

Kodi For Video

This remote aim to control Kodi. I'm inspire from Yatse another Android application.


All features are numbered and shown on the screenshots below.

  1. Display status (Not Connected, Not playing, Connecting, Title of current movie)
  2. Go to home
  3. Display context menu
  4. Display movie information
  5. Display a popup menu wich allow to Exit, Shutdown, Suspend, Hibernate, Reboot
  6. Control sound level of Kodi
  7. Navigate in every menu of Kodi
  8. Select the current menu or video
  9. Return to previous menu
  10. Control windows menu with media button in the bottom of the screen. It's the music sound icon.
  11. Launch Kodi from remote
  12. I've try to display thumbnail or FanArt but it's too slow. Currently I don't know how to retrieve thumbnail from Kodi. I can just receive image from url.
  13. Play/Pause
  14. Stop
  15. Choose a audio language
  16. Choose a subtitle or none
  17. Seek bar which show the progression of watching. I would like to pick a time for seeking inside movie but the widget does not exists currently.
  18. List all available sources. !!! The selelection of a source works only in List view !!!
  19. Clean Kodi DB
  20. Refresh Kodi DB with new movie. It will grap information and thumbnails from specific web site like https://www.themoviedb.org
  21. It's the default screen from official Kodi Web Advance remote. So, it's not mine


Main Playback Source Library


  • A installation of Kodi


Kodi Setup

After installing it you must configure Kodi for being controlled by Unified Remote.

  1. Launch Kodi.
  2. Go to SystemServiceWeb Server.
  3. Check Allow control of Kodi via HTTP.
  4. You can change the Port number. But it's important to configure the remote command with the same port.

Remote Setup

Inside the folder "KodiForVideo", there is a file settings.prop. You can configure the following parameters (all values are default):

  • host: localhost
  • kodiPath: %programfiles(x86)%\\Kodi\\Kodi.exe
  • pathForThumbnail: nothing (currently disable because of perf problem)
  • playerId: none (information retrieve from Kodi)
  • port: 80
  • status: stop (this is a variable for the remote command)
  • trace: 0 (disable/enable tracing)