Remote system power control.


Control system power, login, and Wake on LAN.


  • Restart system
  • Shutdown system
  • Logoff current user
  • Lock computer (Windows and Mac)
  • Put system in sleep state
  • Put system in hibernate state (Windows)
  • Abort any pending restart or shutdown (Windows)
  • Send Wake On LAN/WAN


Using WOL and WOW

The Wake On LAN and Wake on WAN packets are sent directly from your device when the server is sleeping. Most systems require WOL and WOW support to be explicitly enabled. Check out these tutorials for help.

Linux Compatibility

Typically controlling system power is privilaged on Linux/UNIX systems. Most desktop environments therefore offer other means for applications to trigger these actions. However, there is unfortunately no standard. The remote has been implemented to work with:

  • Unity
  • KDE
  • LXDE

For KDE the remote uses qdbus to org.kde.ksmserver ... for restart and shutdown.

For other DE and other actions the remote uses dbus-send to org.freedesktop.UPower ...

Support for other systems will have to be added as needed.


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