Configure the Firewall on Mac OS X

How to setup firewall rules for Unified Remote on Mac OSX.


Open Spotlight Search using Command + Space and type Security & Privacy. Press enter to open the panel.


Open the Firewall section and press the padlock in the left lower corner to allow changes.


Now the the firewall is already turned off, Firewall: Off you don't have anything to do from this point, and you can skip the steps below.

However, if it says Firewall: On press the Firewall Options... button.


In following window you see the applications that is allows through the firewall. If Unified Remote is one of them you don't have to do anything and you can skip the follwing steps below.

If Unified Remote is not listed press the + button.


Select Unified Remote under applications and press Add


Unified Remote should now be visible in the list.