How To Export and Import Widgets

Using the widget editor it is possible to export and import widgets for backup purposes, or to move your widgets to a new device.


This tutorial assumes that you already have a Widget that you would like to export for backup, or maybe to move to a different device.


Start by opening the app and selecting Widgets from the menu.


Select the widget you want to export and then press "Export"


Save the data using a convinient method. For example, by sending yourself an email, saving it to Dropbox, or using Google Keep (as shown below). Make sure that you can easily access the data later.


To import a widget, start by creating a new widget on your homescreen, to bring up the Widget builder. Press the "Import" button.


Paste the data into the text area. For example, if you sent yourself an email you can open that email, select the data, and copy it - rather than writing it by hand.


Once you press OK the widget should be loaded. Press the tick in top right corner to save.


Note that it is not possible to export/import more than one Widget at once. The current process is a bit tricky and we are working on a better solution.