How To Install Unified Remote Server (Deb) via Terminal

The debian package of the server makes it easy to install Unified Remote Server on Linux using the debian package manager. This is default on Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, etc.


Download the package using wget or your preferred http client.

$ wget -O urserver.deb<id>

Replace <id> with the package you want to download:

  • linux-x64-deb
  • linux-x86-deb
  • rpi-deb

Replace http://www. with http://http. if you get SSL errors.


Install the package using the dpkg command.

$ sudo dpkg -i urserver.deb

The server installed into the following path:


Logs and settings are stored in:



The package includes a desktop entry for autostarting the server.

Start the server using the following command:

$ ./opt/urserver/urserver-start

Stop the server using the following command:

$ ./opt/urserver/urserver-stop


To uninstall the server run the following dpkg command:

$ sudo dpkg -r urserver