How To Install Unified Remote Server (Portable) via Terminal

The portable version of the Unified Remote Server can be used when you don't want to use a package manager on Linux.


Download the package using wget or your preferred http client.

$ wget -O urserver.tar.gz$id

Replace $id with the package you want to download:

  • linux-x64-portable
  • linux-x86-portable
  • rpi-portable
  • yun-portable

Replace http://www. with http://http. if you get SSL errors.


Extract the package to a suitable location:

$ tar -zxvf urserver.tar.gz


Open the extracted directory, for example:

$ cd urserver-


To start the server in the active terminal:

$ ./urserver


To start the server in as a daemon (forked process):

$ ./urserver --daemon --pidfile=~/.urserver/

To stop the daemon:

$ kill -TERM $(cat