How To Use IR

Some Android devices have a built-in IR transceiver. This means that they can send and receive IR signals (the same thing used by your typical TV remote control). This makes it possible to control TVs, steros, and other equipment with Unified Remote.


Only certain Android devices are supported for IR. Note that Sony devices are not supported at the moment.

  • HTC One
  • LG G3 Transmitting and learning supported (Learned code will only work on LG G3)
  • Samsung devices with IR (S4, S6, Note 3, etc)


Create a Widget or Quick Actions and edit a button.


Select "Change Action", then "Device Action", and then select "IR".


There are 3 different modes for specifying the IR command.

  • Lookup lets you search for a known IR code in a database.
  • Learn lets you use your device IR sensor to recognize the code from a remote control.
  • Input lets you enter a Pronto Code (which can be found on various web sites).


To Lookup a code, enter the manufacturer name of the device you want to control, select the device, and then select a code set. The code sets are not linked to specific models. Select a code set and then test a button to see if it is the correct code set for your device. It is a trial and error process unfortunately.


To Learn a code, follow the instructions on shown in the app. The instructions may vary for different Android devices. Note that it may take several attempts to capture the code correctly.


To Input a code you can try to search for the IR codes for your device. The best online resource is Make sure you enter codes in Pronto format only.