How To Use the Action Wizard

The action wizard lets you customize what happens when you, for example, press a widget or quick action button. They can be programmed to do many things.


First choose the type of action to perform.


"Remote Action" will trigger an action for a specific remote (for example: Play Spotify).


"Open Remote" is used to create shortcuts for opening specific remotes in the app.


"Device Actions" are used for triggering actions that run locally on your device. For example, Wake on LAN, opening the mouse, opening the keyboard, sending an IR signal, etc.


"Change Server" lets you create a command that changes which server the app is connected to.


"Open In App" lets you create shortcuts to open different parts of the app.


Note that many types of actions can also be programmed to trigger on a specific server (or active server to use the currently connected computer). This is useful if you want to control specific programs on specific computers.


Note also that some actions may require some extra input. For example, the "Text" action in the "Keyboard" remote lets you simulate text input on your computer.