NFC Actions

This guide shows you how to use NFC actions.


  • Full version of Unified Remote for Android or Windows Phone
  • An NFC-compatible device (Most newer Android devices and Windows Phone 8 devices support NFC).
  • Some rewritable NFC tags (Check out our partner website

Format your tags

  • Some tags are not pre-formatted when purchased.
  • If you are using a version of Android earlier than Jelly Bean you may have to format your tags automatically using 3rd party apps. Otherwise you can skip this step.

Open the URI Writer

  • The URI Writer lets helps you generate commands that can be written to NFC tags.
  • To write your tags simply start Unified Remote on your device, go to the Remotes list and press the "Share" button, or open any Remote and press Menu > Share.

NFC Share NFC Share NFC Writer

Create a command

  • Three different command targets are available.
    • "Remote" lets you create a command that controls a specific action in a remote.
    • "Device" lets you control certain actions that execute on your device (for example Wake On LAN).
    • "Server" command lets you create tags that quickly change server on your device.

Add extras

  • Some actions require that you specify extra values (arguments). For example, to send a key stroke you would select the "Input" remote, the "Stroke" action, and enter one or more key codes as extras.
  • The screenshot below shows how you would send the LWin+R key stroke.
  • Refer to the action reference guide for more information regarding available extras for different actions.

Add extras

Write to tag

  • Finally press "Write to NFC tag...".
  • Touch the tag against your device, and your tag should be ready for use.
  • To use your tag simply touch the tag against your device.
  • You don't even have to have Unified Remote running on your device. The tags will work just as long as your device is awake and any screen lock has been unlocked!